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A number of new technologies have emerged in the last few years. In an unusual turnabout, the tool capabilities have moved beyond the customer demand. The recent economic slow-down has provided vendors the opportunity to develop and improve their products, giving rise to the current powerful and mature crop.

These sophisticated tools required experienced practitioners in order to deliver enterprise applications which can provide significant cost savings. By migrating to industry-standard, vendor-neutral platforms, companies can take advantage of ubiquitous Internet access to conduct their business transactions.

Almost inevitably, individuals with the requisite skills are few and far between. Extensive industry experience is necessary in order to be able to incorporate disparate technologies into solutions which address real-world requirements. It also requires an on-going commitment to maintain skills at the leading edge of technology.

We have the knowledge and experience to make sense of the options available today. Click here to view the resume of the President of Selby Consulting, Inc. Available for short- or long-term contracts, we assist our customers in applying appropriate technologies in order to arrive at optimum solutions.

We also believe in sharing some of the wisdom we've gained in more than two decades of developing applications for deployment around the world. Click here for some sample documentation. Click here for an editorial regarding architectural trends. Finally, feel free to drop us a note using the link above or via e-mail at

The office The server farm
Twin 19" monitors, keyboards and pointing devices connect to a total of seven servers. The widescreen monitor is directly connected to the dual-boot (RedHat Linux/Windows© XP) system below the desk while the other connects to the server farm downstairs via a KVM switch. There's now also a Mac Mini in place for developing iPad and iPhone applications. The servers all run AMD processors and a variety of RedHat Linux distributions. Processors range from K7s to an AMD 64X2 5600+. Most of the servers have 2GB of RAM except for the 64-bit system which has 4GB as well as twin 500GB SATA II drives. A recent addition was an AMD 64X6 with 8 GB of RAM and twin 1 TB Hitachi drives, used for virtualization testing and evaluation.
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